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Jolafin Kathak Basel dance pose

Jolafin is a Kathak dancer and teacher based in Basel, Switzerland. She is born and raised in Cologne, Germany to indian parents. At the tender age of 5 years she started learning classical indian dance Bharatanatyam and folk dances. Dancing accompanied her during school, university studies and now at her main job as a biotechnology engineer.

Jolafin is a senior student of Kathak Dance, under the guidance of Guru Surangama Lala Dasgupta from Kolkata, India, following the curriculum of prayag sangit samiti. She is been taught in the traditional way of teacher-student relationship (Guru-Shishya Parampara). Recently, she took over additional training under guidance of Guru Pali Chandra, who is encouraging her to pursue for the ISTD vocational training.

Her Gurus and thus Jolafin belongs to Lucknow Gharana. Her dance education is thorough and she is in a very fortunate situation to learn traditional and rare compositions. Jolafin's dedication for Kathak has been much appreciated and how she is coping with commitments and family life. In June 2017, she successfully organised a north indian classical dance concert "melody rhythm storytelling" in Basel by her own. The financial plan was realised with a successful crowdfunding

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Kathak Dance

Jolafin Kathak dance pose Basel Schweiz

June 2017 - Kathak dance concert with live music accompaniment organised by Jolafin,  "Melody rhythm storytelling", Basel, Switzerland.

January 2017 - Kathak dance with live music accompaniment and north indian classical dance concert Sham-e-Saaz, organised by Guru Surangama, Kolkata, India.

October 2014 - Jahresfest, DIG Hagen, Jolafin with Mohayathi dance company presented Kathak and Bollywood dance.

2010 - today: Kathak training under the guidance of Surangama Lala Dasgupta in Köln, Basel, Kolkata, 1-2 weeks twice per year through intensive private lessons, Guru-Shishya-Parampara through modern means of technology.

2017 - today: regular classes from Guru Pali Chandra in Schinznach, Switzerland, following the ISTD curriculum.

Bollywood dance

2002 - today: Co-Founder of Mohayathi Dance Company,
Bollywood dance and semi classical indian dance performances and classes across Europe.

Attended Kathak Workshops

2017: Kathak Workshop with Pali Chandra, Schinznach (CH)
2013: Kathak Workshop with Durga Arya, Zürich (CH)
2013 : Kathak Workshop with Namrrta Rai, Basel (CH)
2012 : Kathak Workshop with Manisha Gulyani, Basel (CH)


1992 - 2000: Bharatanatyam training received from Prasanna Oomen, Köln (Disciple of US Krishna Rao, Bangalore, in Pandanallur style).